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Rogue Three-Dee by TheVirusAJG Rogue Three-Dee by TheVirusAJG
For my animation project. Rogue of Exterminatus Now, all modeled up readyto start rigging. Using SoftImage XSI.

This is the first real character I've modeled. T'ain't bad for a first attempt :p

I just added some simple textures real quick for the pupils, could probly do with some more work. He's also missing his pendant, and now that I look at it, the buckle's maybe a bit small. Hrmwell. Still a long way to go.

Edit Should probly make clear - 'first attempt' is something of an exaggeration. I've been using 3D software for over a year. I've done environments, inanimate objects, a car, etc. I'm not completely new to 3D, I just have never modelled a character till now. Some people want to jump right in at characters, without having learnt much of the basics beforehand. ...Understandable, really :p I'm being taught it, and we've been given plenty of grounding in the basics before reaching this point. Just so ya know.

Edit 2 Okay, two views. Probly shoulda done so in the first place. The tail is plenty long enough, it was just the angle :p
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Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
So is there going to be an animated cartoon? If so, I would love to see that.

And I love the comic too ^^
artistafrustrado Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
looks cool
blukatprincess Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
cause i swear i remember seeing him in a comic i read online a couple years ago.
blukatprincess Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
was this a comic?
Out-Of-Blue-Series Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2007
are you going to make an animation of EN?

cool...are you planning to use it as the final?
nxz-10E Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Professional Filmographer
thanks add me i show how my world is kid
gbuteler Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
This is awesome. The model is very well detailed and faithful to your drawing style (maybe the hair is covering the face too much, or it's just the POV that confuses me). It'd be nice to see other 3d works, should you have anything else you wanted to show.
MysteryEzekude Featured By Owner May 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I watched the animation. You did a really good job.
oOKalmaOo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
love it, but the one I like the most is the echidna... I like the part when he wants to appear in Shadow's game XD
Sonicman1 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2006
Awesome Syrus!
ellathedragon Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006
Man this char rocks!
Havoc-The-Tenrec Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2005
Holy crap, the 3D is great! Definately nothin' bad at all about the model, though the name may have been taken by Sega already XD
This makes me want to check out that Softimage XSI prog ^^ It looks like a photo of an action figure ;)
Xmerlin Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
Kool. I like it, Great job.
nicky Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2005  Professional Artist
xsi+ experience with "environments, inanimate objects, a car, etc" sounds like standard CIA education program to me :) not a bad model. :)
sephirothq Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005
I never got to see that animation from the EN page.
do you have a link, or is the animation no longer available?
Nice 3-d's.
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here ya go: [link]
The link in the archive actually works again now, but I haven't advertised the fact, cuz my bandwidth will be eaten alive.
sephirothq Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
hey thanks, the animation looked great!
justinworld21 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
troisdeeio excellento! LUVurCOMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!1
stitch62651 Featured By Owner May 10, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I'm impressed!
myphrill Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2005

Will 3D models replace the 2D drawn comics in time?
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah. Difficult to get as much expressive range on 3D models. And they're just bloody awkward to work with.

It'd be nice to get a bunch of environments modelled up though. The kitchen is the only 3D background we have currently.

Thanks =)
Mikefox124 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2005
Sane-Intolerant Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
The next/last one you should do should be Lothar. I say next because the robotic parts would take forever to do, so you might as well get it over with.

I say last for the same reason, except you would have a whole lot more time on your hands if you finish the others before him.

But the decision is entirely up to you. I'm just voicing my opinion. Sorry if I sound demanding.
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno if they'd be that much harder. They'd be a lot easier to weight, because there's less distortion at the joints. Modelling would probly be easier too, because they're harder, more defined shapes, while organic modelling needs to be all smooth and purty and flexible. The only real annoyance is the asymmetry of the arms, because it means I can't model one and mirror it, like I did with Rogue.

Hey, I'd finally have to settle on an actual shape for the hat XD The way I've drawn it from different angles currently, I don't think actually works as a 3 dimensional shape.
Sane-Intolerant Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Now, I'm not demanding this, but wouldn't it be fan-freakin'-tastic if there was an entire EN comic done in 3D? But God, that would take forever! So, I guess it really isn't a good idea.

But it'd stil be freakin' awesome. X3
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Forever indeed. I think, as practice for 3D projects next year, I may try modelling the other EN crew over the summer. But jeez, Rogue took aaaages to model, and aaaages to rig and weight, and is still in the prcess of taking aaaages to animate.
MintyMaguire Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool do you happen to know if there is a free trial download on the web?
Argon87 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2004
WOH! Ok! I see eh? Not only excellent in drawing eh? PERFECT in 3D pictures too! :D lol

Awesome work man! A-WE-SOME!
Ali-Moonlight Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
That is so AMAZING!!!!!!!
resuki Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice! He looks good in 3-D! :D
Plan on doing any of the other guys like this?
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^ Maybe, at some point. 'S hard work though, takes ages :p
Ekairi Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004
I'm quite interested in this....
All mine turned out crapy and I could never even get skins/textures/or whatever there called on them where as yours looks so much better.

Of course I never had a class on it before.
Lexum Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004
Rogue's eye reflective map seems a little bit too over-reflective.
It almost seems like glass.

Very nice bends in the shoes and gloves.

Do you just plan on JUST modeling it, or are you going to animate it?
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ya reckon? Okay, noted. I think I used similar settings that had been recommended for realistic eyes. That might not have been appropriate for big cartoon eyes. Thanks.

I'll be animating, yeah. Might take a while though.
Lexum Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
Yeah.. I myself am doing some 3D animation work... it's rather difficult... ESPECIALLY making it look.. well.. as natural as a thing can look natural in 3D ^^;

You just gonna go for a walk cycle?
Swirlything Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004
You used XSI? O.O
Whoa. I'm impressed, I can't do a thing with that program. I'm a 3Ds Max girl :P
Really impressive model! *applause*
Shephard Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004
really good i wished i could do 3D work like that.
envy is an understatement.
also very shiny :clap:
Axel-Letterman Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004
Woah, I envy you man. I admit that I sucked at 3D Modeling, there's no doubt about it.
chaokiller Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004
Right now, I hate you - this is what I WANT my next 3D modelling project to be like (though not actually Rouge himself, but Sonic or something), but I'll be damned if it'll be anything like that since 3D Studio Max is a pain is the fricking ASS.

What sort of methods did you use to get the Sonic style going? Editable Polygons are what I'm guessing...
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh heh, I'll take "I hate you" as a compliment :p

Methods, it's mostly box modeling. Extruding polys, splitting edges, and a whole lot of moving individual points one at a time. I doubt if my methods are very efficient, but I DO have a helluvalot of patience. Where mortal men would say "Ah, that's close enough," I carry on being anal and perfectionistic o_o
Retrogamer Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004
Looks just as great seeing it here after on EN's front page! I say once more, great job Virus!

Considering this is what Im going on to do at University, its pretty cool to see some 3D models up.

CodeHunterJosh Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004
Very cool for a first attempt. Nice work!
tasakeru828 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Ooooh... wow. This is really amazing.

Maybe we could see models of the succubus girls next, huh...? :D
KitKatTheCat Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004
Looks great man. Got a wireframe of it? I've doing a bit of character design in 3D myself, like to see how your lines work for animation.
TheVirusAJG Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the wait, but yeah, check my scraps now. Thanks!
TheVirus5666 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004   Filmographer
Dude, You are like the... MASTAH ART D00D (is there any art styles you don't know? o_O)

It's really awesome, Much better than the bullcrap i've made the past 2 months.. (wich i deleted in shame)
Gabe27C Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
WOW. That's really good! Tail seems kinda short, but who cares?!
This rocks!
Chris-Supernerd Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004   Digital Artist
woah, excellent work on rouge! :D
NeoLife-Agent Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
Whoa, thats amazing. Who knows what the others of EN might look like. Truly awesome job, keep it up
Sonidowzero Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
So cool. love the 3d.
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