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Riddler Trophy Prop by TheVirusAJG
Riddler Trophy Prop
I spent the last few weeks working on a build of a Riddler Trophy, and I'm ridiculously proud of the result. When all you do is digital art, it's really satisfying to have a solid, tangible thing take form. Here's a Vine of it blinking. It's my own take, not based directly on any one version from the games; the question mark is closer to Arkham Knight, while the base is more City, minus the clockwork gears. 

An hour ago I was retweeted by Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested, and my phone is still buzzing every few minutes! Eee!

I'm working on an Arkham Knight Riddler cosplay too... More on that story as it becomes available.
Gravity Falls - Gompers and the Goat-Sucker by TheVirusAJG
Gravity Falls - Gompers and the Goat-Sucker
My wife and I ran through Gravity Falls in the past few weeks. Best animated show since Last Airbender? I think it pulls a similar trick of endearing you to the characters by being hilarious and charming in the monster-of-the-week episodes, and then once you're thoroughly invested, ups the stakes and drops the crazy awesome mytharc eps. I let it play a second time through in the background while working on this, and all the little call-forwards and foreshadowing bits are delicious.

(It also hits a similar vein of what we strived for with Exterminatus Now, straddling paranormal horror themes and goofy comedy turns. The episode "Roadside Attraction" struck a very familiar chord!) 

I wanted a fanart piece to tell a bit of story, and to include a creature of existing paranormal folklore that was never mentioned in the show. Oregon might be a bit far north for this beast's usual range, but Soos might know it as... El Chupacabra, dawg!
Turtle Tetraptych by TheVirusAJG
Turtle Tetraptych
I sketched these on my Surface Pro 2 at Edmonton Expo 2015. The rougher line style is something of a departure for me, but I liked it and didn't want to just cleanly ink and colour it like I normally do. Came up with this, and found it quite striking. Already have two sets pre-sold to work colleagues.

I'll be selling them as individual prints, probably both at letter and postcard sizes. We shall see which turtle, and which size format, proves the most popular.

By the way, if you're a TMNT fan and haven't yet looked into the current Nickelodeon TV show, check it out. We're a season and a half in and it's really very good. 


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Alan Graham
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
British cartoonist, lives in Alberta now
I am kind of back I guess. Going to be putting my con prints up on here. Some of them got previewed on the comic site, but they had no permanent home. Here they shall reside. Until Perfectly Chaotic gets redone, at least.

Next convention: Calgary Entertainment Expo, April 16-19 2015, booth 513 (with Pixelated Toaster).

PS: What's the purpose of "Status Updates" versus "Journal Entries"? Seems a bit redundant. So I have redundantly re-posted this as a journal to bump the previous, eight-year-old post off my front page.
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Glad to of found your page. 
It's a shame to see Exterminatus Now go on a hiatus, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Best of fortunes to you on your next endeavors. Maybe one day we can see the EN gang again. 
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Just like to say I love EN, keep up the good work. Also I have fanart for EN, I emailed it but would you like me link it to you here on the DA as well.
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